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Mankind Dread (2017) ENG SUBS! Shortfilm / Cortometraje David C. Tur García

Yes? What happen? Okey, I go now Leaving alpha sector, entering quadrant 7-2 Something was weird, there was no sign of the clark’s team and the cars were not official, I suppose they had left the lights as indicative for the other units It’s like they didn’t want anyone to see them leaving from the […]

Spoof Iron Man Official Theatrical Trailer

Mr. Stark, you’ve been called the Leonardo da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that? That’s ridiculous, I don’t paint. What do you say to your other nickname? What, farty stark? Nobody’s called me that since I was at college. No I was thinking of “The Merchant of death”. Yeah that’s not […]

Big Man Tiny Food Challenge ft. Terry Crews

– Does food size matter? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat synth music) – Good Mythical Morning. – He’s on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he’s on America’s Got Talent. Please give a big mythical welcome to Terry Crews. – Hey! (clapping) It’s good to be here. Uh-Uh. – Welcome to the show man. – Ah man, it’s […]

I’m only human | Green Lantern Extended cut

Well, you’re just gonna have to stop it. Oh, I’m just gonna have to stop it ! Ha, well I tried that and I failed then the senator died I told you the ring made a mistake. Wait go back How did the ring make a mistake? The one thing that a green lantern is […]

Ajin Demi Human

Ajin is new kinds of creatures that can’t die. Although he received the attack as much as anything else, by the way while the dead, he’ll regenerate. Ajin found 26 years ago in Africa. Currently, in all corners of the world have found 46 Ajin. The government of Japan established a Committee on the Handling […]

The PAC-MAN Puzzle aka. the Cast Cake by Hanayama

hi and welcome to another episode of Mr. Puzzle today we will have a look at this puzzle which is called the cake it is part of the Hanayama puzzle series and was found or was released I think beginning of this year end of last year so it is one of the newer ones […]

Medicare, Social Security and the dignity of The American People

in the united states in nineteen twenty nine four thousand people got old-age pensions so you worked in a factory they used you up and then there was nothing left of you you you know old age was a was a rendezvous with indignity for people who had worked hard all their lives everywhere in […]