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Unterricht in einem MAN: Lion Story mit der Fahrschule Biedermann

My name ist Kurt Biedermann. I am the owner of the driving school of the same name. This is my son, Mario. I’ve been in the business for twelve years and I’ve also been a truck driving instructor for four years. It all depends on the type of driving lesson we’re doing, but if we […]

chevron’s future of human energy

[Music] In June of 2018, we launched the Future Energy Fund. The focus was two things, lowering the emissions of oil and gas, and investing in breakthrough technologies that will shape the energy landscape. Our biggest focus right now is growing leadership capability. When people are empowered to lead, the business can grow exponentially. FGP […]

Mankind Dread (2017) ENG SUBS! Shortfilm / Cortometraje David C. Tur García

Yes? What happen? Okey, I go now Leaving alpha sector, entering quadrant 7-2 Something was weird, there was no sign of the clark’s team and the cars were not official, I suppose they had left the lights as indicative for the other units It’s like they didn’t want anyone to see them leaving from the […]

Spoof Iron Man Official Theatrical Trailer

Mr. Stark, you’ve been called the Leonardo da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that? That’s ridiculous, I don’t paint. What do you say to your other nickname? What, farty stark? Nobody’s called me that since I was at college. No I was thinking of “The Merchant of death”. Yeah that’s not […]

PacM̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ | The horror ending of a creepy, damaged Pac-Man ROM

hello and welcome to p̴̸̶̵̷̪̉a̶̶̸̶̸͉͊c̷̷̸̵̷̠̒-̴̷̷̸̴̴̶̸̴̴̸̭͎̭̺̀̀̅̈́ -̷̭͎̭̺̀̀̅̈́m̶̢̢̥͈̄̐͌̚͜á̶͕̪n̴̩̠͔͔͋̇ so this starts like pac-man but we have field of view and the spawn sound is horribly loud which is incredibly annoying because you actually need to use audio to keep track of where your enemies are so that’s gonna be a problem because I don’t want to put […]

Painting With Human Remains | A Love Story

Please note that the following content is not for children and may contain mild swearing an adult subject matter. Viewer discretion is always advised. Hello everyone. My name is Emily and before I really get into the meat of this video, I want to issue a few really important disclaimers. Years ago, my grandmother had […]

Make a Human Powered Mobile Phone Charger

Hi I want to make a mobile charger for my mobile phone See my cell phone doesn’t hold charge for too long And it usually dies right when there is no charger available And I’m in the middle of sending an important text And everyone is waiting for my answer And BAM it’s gone I […]

The Best Ways to Use Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for IVF

hello I’m Dr. Gleicher I’m the medical director and chief scientist here at the Center for Human Reproduction in New York City this is a short video and it is really a video and that we are producing in response to questions about how and why human growth hormone in fertility situations may work I’m […]