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The Best Ways to Use Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for IVF

hello I’m Dr. Gleicher I’m the medical director and chief scientist here at the Center for Human Reproduction in New York City this is a short video and it is really a video and that we are producing in response to questions about how and why human growth hormone in fertility situations may work I’m […]

White House Summit on Human Trafficking

Ivanka Trump: Good morning. I’m honored to welcome each of you here today to the White House summit on human trafficking, honoring the 20th anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act on behalf of the President, thank you for joining me to celebrate this milestone and to recognize the incredible work that has been done […]

I’m only human | Green Lantern Extended cut

Well, you’re just gonna have to stop it. Oh, I’m just gonna have to stop it ! Ha, well I tried that and I failed then the senator died I told you the ring made a mistake. Wait go back How did the ring make a mistake? The one thing that a green lantern is […]

Learn to Love What Makes You Human

One of the only enemies that we have as human beings is guilt, and guilt takes many forms. It could be something that we’ve done in the past that was sort of a violation of our standards, something that we did to someone else, something that happened where we let ourselves down. And that can […]

The Versions Of Iron Man’s Death Scene We Didn’t See

The climax of Avengers: Endgame featured the death of a legend — but as perfectly heroic as the moment was, it could have gone dozens of different ways. In a recent conversation with Collider, the film’s editor, Jeff Ford, went in-depth about how the scene where Tony Stark sacrifices himself to snap Thanos and his […]

Why the FIVE

at TOAWM I’d like to explain why we have come to the conclusion that creating companies that care are the solution to the five major issues that we face today food energy finance pollution and suffering now just three of those issues I would like to explain why we have listened to those that have […]

The Lost Ancient Humans of Antarctica

According to mainstream history, the human story is quite simple. The first humans originated in Africa. Some migrated north and settle in Europe and others trekked east through the deserts over the mountains of Asia across the Bering Strait and down into the Americas. This is a neat clean linear path to teach in schools, […]

IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!? | Detroit:Become Human – Part 2

Wapoosh~Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to “Detroit: Become Human” We’re picking up exactly where we left off We just did our stuff with our boy Marcus and Carol aaaand I don’t know what’s next. So let’s click the button. Ooohhh, are we going back to my […]

How Old Are We? Lost History of Humanities Origins – Full Documentary 2020

in 2014, archaeologist JR Bogart or to the world’s attention the rock paintings at Jarama Johari skog he argues that they depict a UFO along with a suited and helmeted figure in these paintings were see a being with three fingers and a classic alien gray shaped head and eyes Jaya Bogart said the findings […]