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War & Human Nature: Crash Course World History 204

Hi, I’m John Green, this is Crash Course World History, and today we’re going to respond to your many requests and talk about a controversial subject: War. So here at Crash Course we’re really not that into the history of war, partly because we feel it’s been discussed well elsewhere and partly because we haven’t […]

Ask us anything: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

How good are you at throwing a boomerang? Such a stereotypical question! when was the last time you encountered casual racism? every bloody Uber… ‘where you from?’ and I’m just like: ‘I’m Aboriginal’ and they’re like: ‘but you don’t look Aboriginal.’ and then I’m like ‘well you didn’t look racist till you said that!’ and […]

This Is How Successful People Manage Their Time

Say no to everything that doesn’t support your immediate goals 41% of items that people put on their to-do list are never done at all It’s like a to-do list is is the graveyard of you know? Important but not urgent and when you truly realize what like just how valuable a single minute is […]

Why People Watch YouTubers Study For Hours

Narrator: Why study alone, when you can study with a bunch of strangers from all over the world? This is gongbang, which translates to “study broadcast” in Korean. In Japan, it’s known as benkyou douga, and in the US and other parts of the world, it’s simply called “study with me.” It’s a type of […]

Human Eye | #aumsum

Our topic for today is Human Eye. The human eye is one of the most valuable sense organs that enables us to see the world around us. Let us study about the different parts of an eye. Sclera is a tough outer coat that protects the entire eyeball. Choroid is a vascular layer of the […]

Human Evolution: Crash Course Big History #6

Hi, I’m John Green. Welcome to Crash Course Big History Project where today we’re going to talk about the Planet of the Apes films. – What’s that? Apparently, those were not documentaries. But there was an evolutionary process that saw primates move out of East Africa and transform the earth into an actual planet of […]

How Power Makes People Selfish

So there are regions of the frontal lobes that are now being called the empathy network and those regions of the brain do a lot of things, but what one of the things that they do is they can help us detect other people’s pain when you damaged in the empathy networks of your brain, […]