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The Secret to Understanding Humans | Larry C. Rosen | TEDxsalinas

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Queenie Lee Is it possible to understand everyone at a deep and meaningful level, to get what really matters to people, no matter how different they are from you? That proposition sounds a little absurd. After all, human psychology is really complex. Some people are abused as children, others are loved […]

Are Older People Wiser?

This episode is brought to you by Hover Are older people wiser? No, not necessarily. I think older people are experienced and I think there’s a difference. So if you’ve experienced something, then you’ve had some learning from it. I think wisdom sometimes comes from even small children. Okay, this is my Nana. She’s the […]

Technology and the Future of the Human Brain | Tara Swart | TEDxSaoPaulo

Translator: Phuong Quach Reviewer: Elena Crescia A lot of people ask me about what technology is doing to our brains and even more people ask me, “Should I allow my child to be on Skype, Facebook, texting emailing and listening to music, whilst they’re supposed to be studying for their exams?” Well I don’t think […]

Introducing RISD’s new graduate program in Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies

(dramatic music) – The Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies program is really built on the proposition that we’re facing alarming problems, wicked problems, climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, which is often funneled from rich to poor, energy poverty and energy affluence. So how can we think about these questions drawn from the knowledges of the humanities, social sciences, […]

Bachelor of Social Science with a Major in Behavioural Studies | Swinburne Online

Swinburne Online offers students a variety of degrees within psychological sciences, this includes a Bachelor of Social Science with a Major in Behavioral Studies. We have four core units to begin with, where students investigate broader issues in contemporary Australian society, looking at how these interact with Australian politics. We look at social interaction, so […]

Study social science: core units | Swinburne Online

The four core units of a social science degree are: Learning and Communicating Online, Sociological Foundations, Introduction to Research Methods and then students have a choice of either, Indigenous Australian Experiences or Australian Politics. These four units provide the foundation for key skills that you need when you’re studying social sciences and it will help […]

Study social science: majors | Swinburne Online

We offer four social science courses at Swinburne Online, they are Security and Counter Terrorism, Security and International Relations, Criminology and Behavioral Sciences. In studying a Security and Counter Terrorism degree you’re going to be learning about the complex issues surrounding security, terrorism, and human rights, internationally and domestically. So we’re going to look at […]

Discovering the Arts and Humanities at The Open University

This idea of stillness in the midst of a turbulent and fluctuating world I just thought it was a sort of miracle we’re in the heart of the great bustling city there are a lot of temptations I suppose so because of that challenge actually I learned a lot about myself I’m an artist who […]