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Innovate – UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering

We have to create new ways of doing the research. We have to have measurable solutions all over the world. Focused on specific healthcare needs Innovation is important in digital health, we need technologies that are going to transform healthcare We’re working at the bleeding edge of technology that’s going to advance healthcare and so […]

Ask us anything: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

How good are you at throwing a boomerang? Such a stereotypical question! when was the last time you encountered casual racism? every bloody Uber… ‘where you from?’ and I’m just like: ‘I’m Aboriginal’ and they’re like: ‘but you don’t look Aboriginal.’ and then I’m like ‘well you didn’t look racist till you said that!’ and […]

Human Subjects System Overview

Welcome to this introduction to NIH’s Human Subjects System. NIH is launching a new electronic system to manage human subjects and clinical trials information. This Human Subjects system replaces the Inclusion Management System (IMS) and will be used by grant applicants, recipients and NIH staff as of June 9, 2018. The system allows principal investigators […]

Miami University’s Humanities Center

>>TIM MELLEY: The Miami University Humanities Center is a hub for research, public engagement, and collaborative study in the fields of history, philosophy, literature, language, and culture.>>SHEILA CROUCHER: What’s been so impressive to me is that the Humanities Center has a very inclusive attitude about who and what the humanities is, and who can participate.>>TIM […]

Quantum Computers Explained โ€“ Limits of Human Technology

Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology For most of our history, human technology consisted of our brains, fire, and sharp sticks. While fire and sharp sticks became power plants and nuclear weapons, the biggest upgrade has happened to our brains. Since the 1960’s, the power of our brain machines has kept growing exponentially, […]

The bat man: Neuroscience on the fly

If you’d asked me 10 years ago when I started my lab that I’ll be, you know – I’ll have a one-kilometre tunnel and recording from a whole colony of bats I’ll tell you you’re nuts. I’m studying the hippocampal formation a set of brain areas that have to do with learning and memory. And […]