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CCE Box : Finnish Preschool ina Box (TM)

Moro! Terve (Finnish Salutations) my name is Heramb Kulkarni and I am from Council for Creative Education ,Finland. I head the strategy and ICT development at CCE. At CCE we work on the creative pedagogy or one of the critical element of the 21st century skills what the Finnish curriculum is really working on is […]

What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

In the order of the Phoenix, the fifth of the Harry Potter series, Dolores Umbridge takes over as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and instantly transforms the classroom into this textbook-based standardized test focused classroom, and Harry questions whether this will prepare them for fighting against Voldemort– uh, he who must not be […]

What are the 4Cs?

You may have heard of the four C’s for 21st century learning: Critical Thinking Communication Collaboration and Creativity. But how do these skills affect your teaching practice and student learning, and how does technology play a role in building these skills? Let’s take a step back. In 2002, the partnership for 21st century skills, a […]

Engaging students through digital pedagogy: A conversation with Whitney Sperrazza

My name is Whitney Sperrazza and I am the Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Hall Center for the Humanities. So I’ve been involved in different kinds of, or I’ve been engaged with the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities in different ways. I think my favorite sort of interaction with them was […]

What’s pedagogy anyway? Secure, respectful, reciprocal relationships

The five principles that go with EYLF. They are not separate, they overlap. So again, we could choose one of them, we can have a whole evening on one of them if we were so inclined. The first one is critical, secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships. And you might ask yourself, and we’ll get to […]

What’s pedagogy anyway? Key message from Early Years Learning Framework

so the Key Message from the EYLF page 17. I told you the first 17 pages, 17 is my favourite. If you haven’t looked it, it’s free download. Honestly just put it on your desktop. When you’re really bored, have a little look at the EYLF. Assessment for children’s learning refers to… This is a […]

What’s pedagogy anyway? A title gives focus to what’s important

Now something else that we do with this work is to give it titles, because we want to think, what is it? Why have we bothered writing up this piece? It must be something that’s important enough to bother putting this time into it. It’s not just taking off whether they ate their vegetables, you’re […]