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Humanities Full Text database

Humanities Full Text contains articles dating back to 1910 on art, classical studies, film, philosophy, and religion. This database also contains a substantial image collection. The best method for searching in this database is to use the Advanced Search option. To make sure you retrieve only viewable results, click the Full Text box before searching. […]

NSC Humanities, Nicole Barabas, History Major

(Music) I was concerned about the fact that I was a little bit older and that I was going to be a non-traditional student. So, I was looking for an atmosphere that I didn’t feel so out of place, and I came and toured nevada state college. What I found really fun was that the […]

NSC Humanities, Vanessa Terraza, Deaf Studies Minor

(Music) My name is Vanessa Terraza. My major is Special E ducation. and my minor is in Deaf Studies So I am a ASL tutor and I help students and everything and I think that for me, being a my major is being Special Education. I already have a minor in Deaf Studies I think […]

2011 Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities with Drew Gilpin Faust

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Honorable Jim Leach. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the National Endowment for the Humanities, it is my honor to welcome you to the 40th Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities. We are appreciative of those who have helped defray the […]

Digital Humanities Profile: Doug Ward on Infomania

I’m Doug Ward from the School of Journalism. I’m an associate professor and I have been here nine years. My background is in journalism. I came here from the New York Times. I’ve also worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer. I spent 14 years on the East Coast. But I grew up in the Midwest and […]

Non-Human Animals: Crash Course Philosophy #42

Remember Cecil the lion? A lot of people were shocked – even outraged – when they heard about his death at the hands of an American hunter in 2015. The response to the lion’s death was so strong that the guy who shot Cecil basically went into hiding, until he issued an apology. But isn’t […]

Research in the Humanities: How Does It Look?

My name is Stephanie Cantu and I’m a 5th year senior in Plan II honors, business honors and psychology, and I work at the Harry Ransom Center in the Preforming Arts Department. I first got introduced to the Ransom Center with a class I took for Plan II honors, Plan II honors offered some internships […]

Miami University’s Humanities Center

>>TIM MELLEY: The Miami University Humanities Center is a hub for research, public engagement, and collaborative study in the fields of history, philosophy, literature, language, and culture.>>SHEILA CROUCHER: What’s been so impressive to me is that the Humanities Center has a very inclusive attitude about who and what the humanities is, and who can participate.>>TIM […]

The Art of the CV by New College of the Humanities

>>Andy Singleton: My name is Andy Singleton and I am an artist and an illustrator. The main material I use for my work is paper. So I make paper sculptures, 2D paper outlooks and I also do like large scale installations works. I was approached by NCH a few months ago, about the CV exhibition […]