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Roughly 87,000 people around the world infected with COVID-19 and nearly 3,000 dead

COVID-19 is rapidly spreading across the world, with countries reporting their first confirmed cases or first deaths. Now, the number of people infected around the world is approaching the 90-thousand mark… and nearly 3-thousand people have died from the virus. Oh Jung-hee with a wrap-up of the global epidemic. Almost 87-thousand people infected with the […]

Why some people find exercise harder than others | Emily Balcetis

Vision is the most important and prioritized sense that we have. We are constantly looking at the world around us, and quickly we identify and make sense of what it is that we see. Let’s just start with an example of that very fact. I’m going to show you a photograph of a person, just […]

Wearable Tech Expands Human Potential | Lauren Constantini | TEDxMileHigh

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Mile Živković Ours bodies are radiating data. Constantly radiating data. But, for the most part, we ignore those data that our bodies are trying to communicate to us, until something goes terribly wrong. We wake up one morning with a sore throat and an achy back, and our body is telling […]

Why 8% of People Fall in Love With Their Kidnappers

It was late in the spring of 1933 when a gang of masked men burst into a wealthy judge’s Kansas City house brandishing a sawed-off shotgun. The judge wasn’t home but it wasn’t him the men were after; it was his daughter. At the time she was upstairs in the bathtub lathered in bubbles. “Get […]