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Why the FIVE

at TOAWM I’d like to explain why we have come to the conclusion that creating companies that care are the solution to the five major issues that we face today food energy finance pollution and suffering now just three of those issues I would like to explain why we have listened to those that have […]

Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate change

“We are hurtling toward the day when climate change could be irreversible.” “Rising sea levels already altering this nation’s coast.” “China’s capital is choking in its worst pollution of the year.” “5% of species will become extinct.” “Sea levels rising, glaciers melting.” Okay. Enough. I get it. It’s not like I don’t care about polar […]

Let’s talk about human composting | Katrina Spade | TEDxOrcasIsland

Translator: Joanna Pietrulewicz Reviewer: Ivana Korom I was going to come out and begin by telling you very seriously that you’re all going to die one day. (Laughter) I’m pretty sure that after that video and Katherine’s wonderful talk before the video, you’re all completely aware of that fact. (Laughter) So I’m not going to […]

Why Humanity Destroyed Itself

One day, if human civilisation ever wipes itself out, aliens or one of our successors will cast an eye on our ruined planet, and ask themselves what ever happened to. Their answer might look a little like this. The root cause won’t be the specific catastrophe, conflict or devastation that eradicates us; the problem will […]

I Got 100 People To Stop Sucking For A Week

– [Woman] No, no it’s simple… – Ahhhh man – [Man] Ahhhhh (uptempo music) – [Auri] 500 million plastic straws are used in the US everyday. Many of those straws end up in the ocean and harm sea life. Reports predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. (cheery […]

What If All Non-Human Life Disappeared? | Unveiled

What if Humans Were the Only Living Things on Earth? So far, Earth is the only planet in the universe that we’ve found to host life… And, remarkably, it has it in abundance. It’s hard to fathom just how much biodiversity our planet truly holds, but the 7.5 billion human beings only make up about […]

Why is Mankind Obsessed with Meat? | Marta Zaraska | TEDxBocconiU

Translator: Natalia Batchenkova Reviewer: Peter van de Ven So, I would like to begin by asking you all a question. How many of you here are vegetarians or vegans? Can you please raise your hands? Alright, yea, quite a few, alright. I won’t be trying to count. Now I have a pathway question. How many […]

Introducing RISD’s new graduate program in Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies

(dramatic music) – The Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies program is really built on the proposition that we’re facing alarming problems, wicked problems, climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, which is often funneled from rich to poor, energy poverty and energy affluence. So how can we think about these questions drawn from the knowledges of the humanities, social sciences, […]