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The Birth of Mankind 1540 | Book History

Today there are so many books available on pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care that expectant parents can feel paralyzed by choice. In Tudor-era England there weren’t any options until 1540 and the publication of the Birth of Mankind. In this video, I’m gonna introduce you to the book and we’re gonna get a bit [sexy […]

“White People” | Russell Peters – Notorious

>>Russell Peters: Back in the day, when you would see a white person, you knew they where white, immediately. When I was a kid, if I saw a white person, I didn’t have to ask. If I was like, “Are you white?” They’d be like, “What the fuck else would I be?” [Laughter] But now, […]

Wearable Tech Expands Human Potential | Lauren Constantini | TEDxMileHigh

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Mile Živković Ours bodies are radiating data. Constantly radiating data. But, for the most part, we ignore those data that our bodies are trying to communicate to us, until something goes terribly wrong. We wake up one morning with a sore throat and an achy back, and our body is telling […]

The future evolution of human sexuality | Peter Tatchell | TEDxOxbridge

Translator: Ilze Garda Reviewer: Denise RQ What want to do with you today is to share some ideas, some speculative ideas about the future evolution of human sexuality. My starting point is that, as we all know, in Western societies, although certainly not in many non-Western societies, there is ever greater acceptance of LGBT rights […]

All the lonely people | Karen Dolva | TEDxArendal

Translator: Zsuzsa Viola Reviewer: Tanya Cushman If I had died at 22, it would have taken weeks before anyone would have noticed because at 22, I was studying, I lived on my own, and I’d pulled myself away from everyone without anyone really noticing. The next minutes will not be about me; it will, however, […]

Learn English Vocabulary: Compound Adjectives to describe people

Hi, there. My name is Emma, and in today’s video, I am going to teach you some new words. These words are all compound adjectives. So what is a compound adjective? Well, a compound adjective is when you have two different words together with a hyphen. English is full of compound adjectives. I’m going to […]