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Why Are People In Venezuela Starving (Hyperinflation Explained)?

Venezuela’s economic crisis has made headlines all over the world for the past few years. Hunger is widespread there. Unable to afford the small amount of food available in supermarkets, many Venezuelans have resorted to eating garbage to survive. Even zoo animals in Venezuela are starving according to a report by the Daily Mail, and […]

Bush Memo To Officials: Say I Had “Honor And Dignity”

bush team has set out a memo to administration officials as atividades mammal and it is called speech topic on the bush record what is a four is when they give speeches they should talk about how great bushes at the end uh… so that everybody has a is on the same page and they […]

Seven Stages Of Empire – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 2 – Mike Maloney

The world is going to have a new monetary system in this decade that we’re in. We’re going to experience this huge deflationary crash around the world. And people will just lose confidence in currency. And what do they always go back to throughout history time after time for the last 5000 years? Actually they […]

Developing Human Dignity from Japan: Kanae Doi at TEDxKyotoChange

Translator: TED Translators admin Reviewer: Reiko Bovee Since the theme for this TEDX event is Global Health and Development, let’s rethink about what “development” means first. Development in Japanese mostly refers to making entirely new things. or it can be translated as “growth.” As Melinda also talked about “development,” in her previous talk, it mat […]