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A Desert Town of 80 People That’s Only 5% Complete

Imagine this: you’re driving around the Arizona desert, about an hour north of Phoenix, when suddenly, you see a city rising above the sands. It’s all made of giant futuristic arches and looks pretty much empty. All this sounds like a sci-fi movie plot, but it is, in fact, real! The experimental town of Arcosanti […]

What If All Non-Human Life Disappeared? | Unveiled

What if Humans Were the Only Living Things on Earth? So far, Earth is the only planet in the universe that we’ve found to host life… And, remarkably, it has it in abundance. It’s hard to fathom just how much biodiversity our planet truly holds, but the 7.5 billion human beings only make up about […]

Parasites And Hosts | Ecology & Environment | Biology | FuseSchool

Some animals are called predators. They hunt and kill other animals. And the animals that are hunted and eaten by predators are called prey. But what about parasites? They don’t have to kill an animal for the food they want. In fact, parasites live on or inside a living animal, harming it, but not killing […]

The TOP 5 FUNNIEST Scientific Studies [CC]

We only wear the finest of fashion on this channel. Hello! and welcome to SquidThink. When most people think about science they probably think about the things you learn in school, so like the krebs cycle, photosynthesis the periodic table, they might even think of Ma-mm-hmm.. they might even think of…. maths. Whereas what they […]

Sir Jonathan Bate – How the Humanities Can Save the Planet: Living Sustainably

Good evening, welcome to Living Sustainably, you know the concluding lecture in our series. How the humanities can save the planet, delivered by Sir Jonathan Bate, and sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Department of English At the Global Institute of Sustainability, and the Institute for Humanities Research. I’m Marc Lussier, […]

NEON studies wildfire in unprecedented detail – Science Nation

♫MUSIC♫ MILES O’BRIEN: Just after Colorado’s devastating High Park wildfire, these scientists were on the case surveying the damage from the air and the ground. MICHAEL LEFSKY: We knew that we’d have to get out as quickly as possible in order to make these measurements, particularly as the summer storms come in. MILES O’BRIEN: With […]

“Time is Running Out: Ecology or Economics?” – David Suzuki – May 6, 2013

MICHIKO YUSA: Good afternoon. [SPEAKING JAPANESE] Konichiwa, konichiwa. OK. I will begin this 15th Annual Japan Week, which began in 1997, and we took two years off, so this is the 15th annual. And it began as an occasion to first celebrate Japanese language and culture. But eventually, we became very interested in bringing people […]

At the Intersection of Hydrology & Sociology with Christa Brelsford

Hi, I’m Christa Brelsford. I’m a Liane Russell Fellow at Oak Ridge National Lab. I’ve always had an idealistic bent and I can’t think of a better way to spend my career than trying to understand, prevent, and mitigate what I see as the biggest risk to our global society: climate change. I grew up […]

Sir Jonathan Bate on “How the Humanities Can Save the Planet: Paradise Lost”

Good evening everybody and welcome to this year’s Annual Environmental Humanities Initiative Distinguished Lecture: Paradise Lost. The first of a three-part lecture series How the Humanities Can Save the Planet. to be delivered by Sir Jonathan Bate across the next six weeks. I’m Mark Lussier, professor of English, Senior Sustainability Scholar in GIOS, and acting […]