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Meet the Man Who Beat ‘Pac-Man’

(coin dropping) (Pac-Man video game music playing) – [Voiceover] I’m Billy Mitchell, video game player of the century. I did the world’s first perfect score on Pac-Man. 3,333,360. Ooh, it’s exhausting to just say it. I began in the competitive world of pinball. It moved to Donkey Kong. But the greatest level of competition at […]

How Old Are We? Lost History of Humanities Origins – Full Documentary 2020

in 2014, archaeologist JR Bogart or to the world’s attention the rock paintings at Jarama Johari skog he argues that they depict a UFO along with a suited and helmeted figure in these paintings were see a being with three fingers and a classic alien gray shaped head and eyes Jaya Bogart said the findings […]

The Human Statue Who’s Turned To Stone | BORN DIFFERENT

Ashley: I was born with FOP and my body’s turning to stone. I know even as an adult FOP can take away what little mobility I have left, but I don’t dwell on that. It’s going to happen whether I want it to or not. I’ve been living this great life for 37 years and […]

Europe: The First Crusade – The People’s Crusade – Extra History – #1

The year is 1095 CE. We stand at the Council of Clermont. In the audience are all the great names of Europe, both secular and ecclesiastical. For a moment there’s a hush. The last words of Pope Urban II’s fiery speech, extolling nations of Christendom to retake the holy land from Muslim invaders, hangs in […]

SS-Mann Karl M. – Soll man ihn in Ruhe lassen?

This man is a nazi war criminal Reporter: Do you regret? Karl M: No, not at all Karl M: Why should I regret this? Karl M was a SS soldier, involved in mass Murder in France. Without this mass murder we would have a father. A totally different life Karl M. is considered as a […]

How Long Do Humans Have Left? | Unveiled

How Long Have Humans Got Left? Our planet is an ancient place. And while it can be difficult to comprehend that the Earth had been here for billions of years before we walked out of the sea, it’s also hard to imagine the same expanse of time stretching out ahead of us. Even more challenging […]

Wim Hof, The Iceman Cometh | HUMAN Limits

The cold is a absolute doorway to the soul. There’s so much unnecessary suffering in the world. We take pills, kill the symptoms, but not the cause. And apparently we cannot become happy, strong, and healthy? Hey, I know the way. Cold is merciless, righteous. It brings you direct into depth of yourself. You’re not […]

How to Treat a Person with Disabilities, According to People with Disabilities

I don’t believe that I’m a burden. I don’t believe that I’m an inconvenience. Society treats disabled people as though they are less than. Say the word. You know, I’m disabled. It’s ok. Nobody ever wants to focus on disability, because they think that it’s a bad thing. I don’t think that it’s a bad […]