How your cells can teach us how to turn the climate crisis around, Dr. Freja Eriksen

This video is all about how the brilliant
cells in our body can teach ud how to turn the climate crisis around. For those of you who don’t know me, I am
a medical doctor, a certified functional medicine practitioner and singer songwriter. People call me the singing doctor. I use a creative approach to inspire increased
health and well-being for a sustainable world. As mankind our body is the earth. We are all cells in our collective body the
earth. And just like your health is dependent on
every single cell in your body, the health of our collective body, the earth, is dependent
on the actions of every single one of us. All the cells in your body works magnificently
well together. It is mind blowing actually what they are
capable of doing every single second, every single day to keep you healthy and alive. They are true experts in management skills
and teamwork. And in the middle of our climate crisis and
massive inequality all around the world, this is exactly what we need as a world community
to get back on track. So just like the cells in our body, we need
to know that we are all vital and unique cells in the organism of the earth. We need to behave in the same dedicated, consistent
and creative manner as each of the cells in our body, with the best intentions of our
collective body, the earth, in mind. Because in what way exactly does is benefit
you to have a well-functioning kick ass liver, if your heart is about to stop beating? I hope you get my point. The thing is we have to start thinking in
this way about our collective body, the earth, as well. Whether as an individual, a family, a company,
an organization or a country. Our actions only benefit us in the long run
if they are sustainable for our collective body as a whole. I have written a song about this topic, that
has given the name for my upcoming album, It’s Time for a Sustainable World. The reason why I am combining my messages
with music is that in order to turn the climate crisis around we do need a radical change
in our behavior. Our behavior and our actions are dictated
both by our mindset and our emotions. So, we need to be mentally reminded that we
are all part of the same organism the earth. But we also need to feel connected to the
earth and to each other in order to manifest the radical team spirit we so desperately
need in order to turn this climate crisis around. And now to the question of the day. I would love to hear how it makes you feel
when you do something for the environment. Whether it is to recycle something or taking
the bike instead of the car. Anything like that. I would love to know how it makes you feel. Maybe just use one word and write it in a
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