Month: February 2020

Deus Ex : Mankind Divided – Comment prononcer Deus Ex ?

PEGI 18 this video game series has always posed tough questions for society where should the limits of surveillance lie how do we grapple with rapid technological advancement could I really stabbed a guy with my elbow and now with Adam Jensen’s newest mission set for august twenty-third in this video we’re gonna tackle the […]

Eine Vision für die Menschheit (A Vision for Mankind) – Mooji

about visions and so on I don’t have much to say but what will come what will be made out of thing I don’t want I don’t want to mislead you because it can be misleading what is alive is now you hear no and that I’m telling you that you are free now and […]

Should evolution have created this as the perfect human body? – BBC

Welcome to the Science Museum Alice came into this gallery met me we were talking about something that she’s complained about endlessly in Articles and books and it sort of struck me Well, why doesn’t she’s come up with the perfect Alice? Now I can’t wait to see what is behind that curtain. It’s now […]

Hey Zara – Tamil Pop Music Video | Ben Human | Filtr Fresh

While She is extremely rare, He is in constant search of her Will the search bear fruit ? Why does this amber glow of love get warmer with every moment? While she is the lamp, and he, the darkness What am I living around ? Why do I feel this wound of love within ? […]

PUBG: Shroud’s Top 3 Stream Snipers | Banana Man | Wadu Hek | Adam

The rising popularity of PUBG-streams has attracted a lot of stream snipers lately. Only a few of them have left permanent impression though. Today I want to introduce you to Shroud’s top three stream snipers and their motives. Number three: Adam. Adam appears in a purple suit his main goal is to kill Shroud with […]

Bernie Sanders – 54 Years of Standing Up for People

BERNIE SANDERS: “During the 1960s, when Martin Luther King Jr. and the people in the Civil Rights Movement, stood up to the bigots and the power structure, who were denying Americans their basic human rights, they sang a song. On marches. On picket lines. And in the jail houses. A song which became a symbol […]

People Before Profit (Multilingual Version)

They came… They came with their bulldozers… and they came with their soldiers. I never left my house and defended it strongly, but they didn’t listen to me. To me it’s just like a war zone. It’s like somebody just dropped a bomb here and just boom – dispersed everybody. Has everyone seen the company’s […]

2019 Telstra Australian Business of the Year Award winner – Dignity

It is my great privilege and pleasure to announce the 2019 Telstra Australian Business of the Year Award, and the winner is… ..Dignity. (APPLAUSE AND MUSIC) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) I said I was overwhelmed before, this is really truly overwhelming. Thank you Telstra, and to everyone who’s contributed to where we’ve got. And we have so […]