Month: January 2020

What will humans look like in 100 years? | Juan Enriquez

Here’s a question that matters. [Is it ethical to evolve the human body?] Because we’re beginning to get all the tools together to evolve ourselves. And we can evolve bacteria and we can evolve plants and we can evolve animals, and we’re now reaching a point where we really have to ask, is it really […]

Human Rights Awareness – Scientology Voice for Humanity

I think the problem the globe has is they hear “human rights” and they do not understand what human rights is. Most people do not even know their rights, why they are being violated. Yet they say “human rights.” The laws have been enacted but most of these laws have not been applied nor been […]

People Laughed at the Price of This House, Until They Looked Inside It

Hello everyone Most people live in common and simple houses whether it’s an apartment building or a cozy suburban house You can find similar buildings on every part of planet Earth But some people like breaking the rules and building unusual and even weird houses neighbors may laugh at them But it means nothing to […]

Creative Ways People Are Cheating In Pokemon Go

If rules exist, we’ll find a way around them… and even Pokemon Go is no exception. Players everywhere have found ways to bend—or break—the game’s rules. Some of these methods are fairly harmless, while others can get you banned. Here’s how to cheat in Pokemon Go—but don’t say we didn’t warn you… Egg-hatching machines Are […]