Month: November 2019

Firing Squad – Worst Punishments In The History of Mankind

What we might call more progressive nations have over the years introduced less brutal forms of execution. Gone are the days of crucifixion, being squashed to death and burning people at the stake, but in some countries today you’ll still find stoning and decapitation, something most of us would call barbaric. For that matter, many […]

Philip DeFranco: How To Make People Trust You

Philip DeFranco is probably the most trusted news person on YouTube and in an era where mainstream news is suspect and allegations of fake news fly even from the president’s mouth… You are fake news. Go ahead. …that might make Philip DeFranco the most trusted news person in America. In this video, I want to […]

CHEAPEST People Ever Get Everything For FREE

Hey guys on my channel we’ve seen a lot of very cheap people cheapest man cheapest woman cheapest couple cheapest weddings *Dang, talk about staying on a low budget* Well today I have another cheap couple for you. I always wonder about these people’s lifestyles. Like do y’all ever go out? You wanna date you […]

Barb Van Ersvelde, Doctor of Humanities – 2017 Commencement

Cheerios, Beethoven, photography. I love that in the field of education, three seemingly unrelated elements can come together to form a powerful learning experience for students. Recently, my fourth grade music students arranged Cheerios on a staff to notate the famous melody from Beethoven’s ninth Symphony. Then they took photos of their work before playing […]

McMaster Humanities Career Interview Series #1: Digital Media Specialist

I studied multimedia and communication studies at McMaster University and I graduated in 2007. My current occupation is a media specialist within the Faculty of Science here on campus. My primary roles revolve around the production and maintenance of multimedia assets for the Faculty of Science in the university, And this ranges from e-learning to […]

Human Sexuality is Complicated…

Good morning, John. Today we plumb the depths of the marvelously complex human. But, first allow me to acknowledge that I am not a sociologist. I am also a straight, white man who doesn’t have to worry about a lot of the hate that a lot of other people do have to worry about. But, […]